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Olmec head (current)
Human (historic)

First Appearance

Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker


Kirk Fogg, Spotters, Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, Silver Snakes, Sadie, Dudley, Noah


Zuma (good son), Thak (evil son; deceased)


Temple Guards, Thak

The choices are yours, and yours alone.
~ Olmec's motto.

Olmec is a large, animatronic talking head of stone at the base of the hidden temple. Arguably the most recognizable symbol of Legends of the Hidden Temple, Olmec was voiced and puppeteered by Dee Bradley Baker, and was the announcer throughout and main protagonist of the show as well as its TV movie adaptation. Olmec became an increasingly important part of Legends throughout its syndication, and by Season 2, was explaining the Moat crossing (previously done by Kirk Fogg), telling the legend at the Steps of Knowledge, explaining the Temple Games (also previously done by Fogg), asking the tiebreaker questions (also previously done by Fogg), just like in the Steps of Knowledge, and explaining the Temple Layout to the winning team. "Long Live Olmec" seemed like a perfect password for the Room of the Secret Password.


In the TV film, Olmec was once a human king and in a middle of passing the throne to his son, Prince Zuma. However, Zuma's evil brother, Thak is planning a coup d'etat on Olmec, thus in order to save his people, Olmec turn everyone on the temple into stone, including himself. And although Sadie, Noah and Dudley successfully restore the temple, Olmec remains in a stone head form, having sacrifice his human form for the good of his people.

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