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A layout of Olmec's Temple in the game show

Olmec's Temple is the main set piece of Legends of the Hidden Temple, where contestants have to enter this temple to win the prizes and retrieve the artifact.

Olmec's Temple in TV movie.


Olmec sits right by the temple with a geting by the stairs, which leads down to The Cave of Sighs, or up to The Room of the Three Gargoyles. You can then go left into The Wall Climb, where you have to choose your next path. Depending on which door opens, you will either end up in The Observatory, The Heart Room, or The Throne Room. Going in from whatever direction, you can go even further left and up into The Room of the Golden Idols, or down into The Swamp. Going left from those two rooms, you will end up in The Tomb of the Ancient Kings, or The Shrine of the Silver Monkey upstairs. Finally, you can go straight through either to The Mine Shaft, or up into The Torch Room. The Temple was laid out in various different ways, see the various Temple Layouts.

The temple gate.


Area 1 (Upper Entrance)

The Room of the Three Gargoyles - A room with three animal gargoyle faces. Press one of the three gargoyles' tongues to open a door.

The Room of the Royal Gongs - Same as previous, with gongs in place of the gargoyles. Press one of the gongs to open a door.

The Crypt - A room with skeletons holding books in coffins. Pull one of the books to open a door.

Area 2 (Pit of Despair)

The Wall Climb - A pit with various holes for the player to climb in. Ropes were added some time later for assistance.

The Troubled Bridge - Serves as the top section for the following three; a one-way rickety bridge.

The Wheel Room -

The Pit of Despair -

The Rock Quarry - An area with various rocks and a bucket; the player must throw five rocks into the bucket to raise the stone slab.

The Pit -

The Pit of the Pendulum -

Area 3 (Observatory)

The Observatory (1) -

The Observatory (2) -

The Observatory (3) -

The King's Storeroom (2) -

Area 4 (Center of the Temple)

The Heart Room - Also known as the center of the temple, the player can simply press an actuator to choose a path.

The Room of Fallen Columns - The same as the room before, but with various columns spread out to hinder movement.

Medusa's Lair - Same as the previous room, but with a Medusa head in the center of the window railing. The player must place snakes into the head to unlock the doors.

The Room of the Mandarin Hand - Same as previous, but with a giant hand statue holding an orb. The player must place its fingers against the orb to unlock the doors.

The Chamber of the Sacred Markers - A room with various paintings and symbols. The player has to find the symbols to match the pattern on the right of the central shaft with the one on the left.

Area 5 (Treasury)

The Room of the Golden Idols - A room with three gold idol statues. The player can hug and press down on their bases for access downward, or push one of the actuators on the walls to use the side doors.

The Treasure Room - A room with a big treasure chest. The player can open the treasure chest and climb down through it, or push an actuator for door access.

The Treasury of Golden Orbs -

The King's Storeroom (1) -

The Room of the Ancient Warriors

Area 6 (The Shrine of the Silver Monkey)

Easily the most recognizable room of the temple, and the only one to remain the same. It is a shrine with three parts to the Silver Monkey statue, which the contestant must assemble to move on.

Area 7 (Top Corner)

The Room of Three Torches -

The Pirate's Cove -

The Viper's Nest -

The Lightning Room -

The Room of the Secret Password - A room with various cupboards containing tablets with passwords on them. The player must take out a tablet and yell out one of the three passwords listed; if it is correct, the doors will open.

Area 8 (Bottom Corner)

The Mine Shaft -

The Dungeon -

The Well -

The Quicksand Bog -

Area 9 (Golden Doors)

The Tomb of the Ancient Kings - An ancient room with golden doors; the player must find the key in the sarcophagus in the center and use it to open the doors.

The Dark Forest - A forest with dark lighting and spooky-looking trees; same objective as the last room, but the key is in one of the treeholes. One of the trees might inhabit the spirit of a Temple Guard.

Area 10 (Marshlord's Realm)

The Swamp - A murky room with nets strung from the ceiling, along with styrofoam pellets for the floor. The walls are green in Season 1, while they became brown in Season 2.

The Spider's Lair - Same as the previous room, but with a spider's web stretched across the room in place of a net, which could get contestants tangled.

The Bamboo Forest - Same as last two, but with bamboo poles.

The Holes of Python - Same as last three, but with walls containing holes; the player must maneuver through the holes like a maze.

The Jester's Court - A room with various jester paintings. The contestant must line themselves up with one of the three paintings by pressing against three actuators, to unlock the doors.

Area 11 (Bottom of the Central Shaft)

The Throne Room (1) -

The Room of Harmonic Convergence -

The Throne Room (2) -

The Laser Light Room -

The Tomb of the Headless Kings

Area 12 (Lower Entrance)

The Cave of Sighs -

The Ledges -


The Stone Wall (All Seasons) -

The Pharaoh's Secret Passage (Season 3) - A swirly slide leading from the Room of the Secret Password to the Quicksand Bog.