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Season 4
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July 2021

First Episode

The Maya Legend of the Hero Twins

Final Episode


Previous Season

Season 3 (1995)

Legends of the Hidden Temple Season 4 (also known as the Season 1 Reboot) is the first season of the reboot to Legends of the Hidden Temple.

On December 16, 2019, the reboot was announced for the streaming service Quibi and a casting call went out on March 10, 2020. When the service launched on April 6, 2020, the reboot was nowhere to be found. In October 2020, it was reported that Quibi will shut down in December, leaving the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot presumably cancelled with no new development on the reboot since the casting call went out. [1] Then on May 7, 2021, a new casting call for the show went out to the public,[2] revealing the show had not been cancelled. Four days later, the CW picked up the show.[3] On July 14, it was announced that comedienne Cristela Alonzo has been chosen as the new host of the show.[4] Filming commenced in July 2021 and aired on October 10, 2021.[5]

Dee Bradley Baker, who voiced Olmec in the original series, the TV movie, Nickelodeon All-Star Challenge and The Loud House crossover, reprises his role in the reboot. [6].

Kirk Fogg, the original host of Legends, would cameo in some episodes, usually during the temple runs.

Production Dates

Day Date
Day 1 07/??/2021


Episode Production # Broadcast # Airdate
The Maya Legend of the Hero Twins 121 TBA 10/10/2021
The Hawaiian Legend of Pele 122 TBA 10/17/2021
The Ilocano Legend of Lam-Ang 123 TBA 10/24/2021
The Nyanga Legend of Mwindo 124 TBA 10/31/2021
‎‎The Hindu Legend of Rama 125 TBA 11/07/2021
‎‎The Norse Legend of Freyja 126 TBA 11/14/2021
The Greek Legend of Atalanta 127 TBA 11/21/2021
The Japanese Legend of Susano'o 128 TBA 12/05/2021
The Irish Legend of Ću Chulainn‎ 129 TBA 12/12/2021
The Egyptian Legend of Isis 130 TBA 12/19/2021
The Lakota Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman 131 TBA 01/09/2022
The Sumarian Legend of Gilgamesh 132 TBA 01/16/2022
The Aboriginal Australian Legend of the Seven Sisters 133 TBA 01/23/2022
To Be Announced 134 TBA TBA
To Be Announced 135 TBA TBA
To Be Announced 136 TBA TBA
To Be Announced 137 TBA TBA
To Be Announced 138 TBA TBA
To Be Announced 139 TBA TBA
To Be Announced 140 TBA TBA

Changes Made

  • This is the first season...
    • That features adult teams.
    • To air on The CW.
    • Produced in HD.
    • To have less than 40 episodes.
    • To not be hosted by Kirk Fogg.
    • To be hosted by comedian Cristela Alonzo.
    • To have hour-long episodes.
    • To only have four teams compete in an episode instead of six.
    • To have the legend be told at the Moat and the Temple Run instead of just the Steps of Knowledge and the Temple Games.
    • To only have two temple games
    • To not use half Pendants of life.
    • To have teams of the same gender.
    • Filmed outside a building.
    • To not be filmed at Nickelodeon Studios.

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