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A promo photo of a Temple Guard and a female Blue Barracuda

Temple Guard in the movie version

Temple Guard in the 2021 Revival

The Temple Guards are three people who guard three specific rooms in Olmec's Temple. They are the main antagonists in the show. If a player enters one of those rooms, one of the Temple Guards will jump out and try to capture him/her. The only way to go on is to give the Temple Guard a full pendant of life (half pendants do not count), which are earned by winning the Temple Games. If the player is caught without a pendant, he/she will be taken out of the temple and it will be his/her teammate's turn. If the winning team wins one and half Pendants of Life in the Temple Games, the other half will be hidden somewhere in the temple. If the the second player finds the other half and is carrying both halves, he/she wll get an extra life, allowing the second player to have no interruptions due to the fact that it is the last Temple Guard. If the winning team has one or one and a half Pendants of Life in the Temple Games and if the second player is caught with no pendants or has only half of their pendant and has not found the other half before getting caught, it is game over. However, if the winning team has two pendants in the Temple Games, the team will be able to go after the treasure. When it comes to the team having two pendants, the first player might get caught by a Temple Guard the first time with his/her pendant and the second time with no pendants, while second player give up his/her pendant to the last remaining Temple Guard, which means the game would not end as quickly.


  • Once caught by a Temple Guard, the room's Temple Guard is protecting will no longer have the Temple Guard.
  • Fact 1: When a Temple Guard jumps out to capture a player, it sometimes surprises/scares the player.
  • Fact 2: In Seasons 2 and 3, a spirit of a Temple Guard may inhabit one of the trees in the Dark Forest. So if a player reaches for the key in the tree with the Temple Guard spirit, the rules still apply with a regular Temple Guard: give the tree a pendant or you are captured.


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