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The Golden Cup of Belshazzar
Ponce de León and the Lost Fountain of Youth
The Treasure Map of Jean Lafitte
Blackbeard's Treasure Map
The Oracle Bowl of Delphi
The Paintbrush of Leonardo da Vinci






Temple Layout V was a series of rooms for the Temple Run. It is infamous for being the only one of the fifteen Temple Layouts to not have a team win - let alone reach the artifact - during its tenure.

Rooms Used

Rooms that differ from Temple Layout IV are in bold. Rooms that kept the same name as Temple Layout IV but have a changed objective are in italics.

Olmec's Description

"You could start by running through The Room of the Three Gargoyles. Push in the correct tongue, and the door might lead you down a stairway and across The Troubled Bridge. You could then race up to The Observatory, spin the sundial, and pass into The Treasure Room. There, you might open up the Treasure Chest and climb down through it, or try to enter The Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue there, and you may be headed for the Pirate's Cove. Spin the ship's wheel, and you can descend into The Dungeon. You could plow through the stone wall. Find the key, and it may unlock The Tomb of the Ancient Kings. Next, you might climb through into The Swamp. If you escape, you may have a chance enter The Room of Harmonic Convergence. Stand on the proper two steps, and the doors may open. If the rock slab is up, you could run through The Pit of Despair, and finally, make your way through the Cave of Sighs, and back to the Temple Gate. The choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck." - Olmec


  • This is the longest living layout of Season 1, lasting for six episodes. The other layouts in Season 1 only lasted for four to five episodes (the only exception being Temple Layout I which lasted for only two episodes).
  • This is the only layout to feature The Troubled Bridge and its counterpart room where Olmec explains the rooms of his temple in a counterclockwise order.