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The Bamboo Forest
The Bamboo Forest as it appears in the rundown of "The Belly Button of Buddha". Note the opened upward door.

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Objective Completion

The Golden Chains of Zenobia
The Belly Button of Buddha
The Helmet of Joan of Arc

Temple Guard Encounters

The Stone Marker of Leif Erikson

Artifacts Featured

The Stolen Arm of Shiva


The Swamp


The Holes of Python

Adjoining Rooms

The Room of Harmonic Convergence
The Treasure Room
The Tomb of the Ancient Kings

The Bamboo Forest was a room in Olmec's Temple. Located fairly centrally in the temple, the room was similar to some of the other rooms that occupied this area in the fact that players had to navigate through a certain [amount of] obstacle(s) and then hit an actuator to move on. In this case, players had to pass through long rods of bamboo before advancing in any direction. It was probably quite hard to get through, but probably allowed the easiest access to the room above it out of all of the rooms occupying this room area, apart from the Jester's Court.

Although the room only appeared in five episodes, players had to pass through the room a total of three times, and a fourth time with the room being a dead end. The only artifact that was featured in this room was the Stolen Arm of Shiva, which was placed in the Bamboo Forest itself. Nevertheless, the room was not entered and the artifact was not retrieved.