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The Dungeon

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Episodes Seen

1 & 2, 9-21

Temple Guard Encounters

The Pendant of Kamehameha

Artifacts Featured

Blackbeard's Treasure Map
The Keys to the Alhambra
The Lost Logbooks of Magellan

Half Pendants Featured

Henry VIII's Great Seal
The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart

Adjoining Rooms

The Pirate's Cove
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Tomb of the Ancient Kings


The Well

The Dungeon was a room in Olmec's Temple. This room features two ladders, two skeletons, a blue beanbag floor, and a Temple Guard door. The only way out is to plow through the wall and end up in the Tomb of the Ancient Kings or climb up one of the ladders to the Pirate's Cove or the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.


  • The only episode where a Temple Guard was encountered in this room was The Pendant of Kamehameha and was the first time a Temple Guard was hiding in that room space.
  • Frequently in the show, such as in Ponce de León and the Lost Fountain of Youth, Kirk Fogg jokingly mentioned that the skeletons belong to previous contestants of the game who did not make it out of the dungeon.
  • This was the leftmost room in the temple that has been confirmed to feature half pendants.