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The Laser Light Room
A close up of the ladder and the laser covers running along either side of it.

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Episodes Seen

42, 57-80

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Temple Guard Encounters


Artifacts Featured

The Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl


The Throne Room


The Tomb of the Headless Kings

Adjoining Rooms

The Swamp (Layout XII)
The Jester's Court (Layouts XIII & XIV)
Medusa's Lair (Layouts XII & XIII)
The Room of the Mandarin Hand (Layout XIV)
The Rock Quarry (Layout XII)
The Pit (Layouts XIII & XIV)

The Laser Light Room was a room in Olmec's Temple. It was placed at the bottom of the central shaft for the remaining five-eighths of Season 2 and was the successor of the Throne Room.

In the center of the room was a wall, possibly the back of the Throne of the Pretender. Mounted on it is a ladder leading up to the room above, and alongside the ladder were eight bright lights— the “lasers”— with four on each side of the ladder. Also covering each was a foam block with a red pattern on it which blended in with the wall. The objective of the room was to pull off the blocks until the especially radiant white light appeared among the other red lasers. The white laser's position varied between episodes, so it was common for both a player to complete the objective in one or two tries, and others taking them a full eight tries before finding it.

Because of the odd placement of the wall which blocked the temple guard door (which was unused for all but one Season 2 episode), temple guards often hid beside or behind the "laser wall" and appeared on camera but not seen by the contestants. The Laser Light Room is also noted for some of the scariest temple guard encounters, with the contestants screaming the most when one appeared here. A particularly comical moment with a temple guard occurred when the third guard in The Silk Sash of Múlàn made a strange noise and Stephen (the contestant in that episode) began throwing the foam blocks at him.

A contraption similar to the celestial lights in the Observatory in late Season 1 was placed between this room and the Swamp or the Jester's Court with a disco ball embedded into it. This often created some interesting lighting patterns among the mist in the room.