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The Lightning Room
Lightning Room

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The Crown of Queen Nzinga


The Viper's Nest


The Room of the Secret Password

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The Mine Shaft
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey

The Lightning Room is a room in Olmec's Temple. The room was similar to the Viper's Nest and the Room of Three Torches where a contestant must complete the room's objective if they enter the room from the Mine Shaft.

However, if the room was entered from the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, then the contestant could simply enter the elevator that leads to the Mine Shaft. In the middle of the stone partition at the front of the room, there is a glass capsule mounted on a pedestal, with electricity generated inside of it. On each side of the stand on which the lightning ball is placed on are two sockets to connect wires in, and strung on the front railing are four wires. The contestant must connect all the power cords into the lightning ball to generate a lightning effect that projects all around the room once they have successfully connected all the cords. A lightning sound effect would also play and the door to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey would open.