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The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart
Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart.png
The pig on the middle rung of the ladder in the center of the Room of Harmonic Convergence.

Production Number

1-17 (17)


October 3, 1993[1]


Blue Barracudas


Scott McCaskell & Kristin (aka "Kriddin")

Artifact Location

The Room of Harmonic Convergence

Pendants of Life

Temple Layout


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The Golden Cup of Belshazzar (Completion Order)
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The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart is the seventeenth episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple. It was the fifteenth episode to complete production and the sixth to air.

Moat Crossing

Each team had to swim on a raft to the other side and then his partner pulls the raft back and swims on the raft to the other side.

Moat Results
Finish Team Time
First Red Jaguars 0:22
Second Purple Parrots 0:23
Third Silver Snakes 0:27
Fourth Blue Barracudas 0:32

Steps of Knowledge

The first woman to fly across the Atlantic, and the first to fly from Hawaii to California, was also the most famous woman pilot in history. She was Amelia Earhart. Everyone followed her adventures, as she tried to fly all the way around the world. By the time she got to New Guinea, in the Pacific, she had been through some rough storms and close calls. Jojo, her New Guinea fueler, was loading up her baggage and gassing up her engines for the last leg of her journey. He wanted Amelia to be safe on her trip, so he carved her a statue of a pot-bellied pig.

"I'm sorry, Jojo, I simply can't take this," Amelia said.

She handed it back, apologetically, to Jojo. The sun was shining and all was well, but hours later she disappeared over the Pacific, never to be heard from again. Some say she was captured by the Japanese, some say she ran out of gas, but Jojo knew it was because she left behind the lucky pot-bellied pig.

Steps of Knowledge Results
Question Answers Team
Was Amelia Earhart the first woman to…?
  • Exceed the speed of sound
  • Travel across the Atlantic in an airplane
Silver Snakes (Correct - Two steps left)
Did Amelia fly from California nonstop to…?
  • Hawaii
  • Japan
Purple Parrots (Correct - Two steps left)
In which direction did Amelia head on her round-the-world journey?
  • Southward
  • Eastward
  • Westward
Blue Barracudas (Wrong Answer)
Purple Parrots (Correct - One step left)
Was Amelia last seen on the island of…?
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • New Guinea
Purple Parrots (Correct - Advanced to the Temple Games)
Were the first people to achieve powered flight…?
  • The Marx Brothers
  • The Wright Brothers
  • The Wrong Brothers
Blue Barracudas (Correct - Two steps left)
Did the Wright Brothers first fly at…?
  • Eagle's Nest
  • Vulture's Row
  • Kitty Hawk
Blue Barracudas (Correct - One step left)
Which of these aircraft does not need a runway?
  • A Glider
  • A Helicopter
  • A Biplane
Blue Barracudas (Wrong Answer)
Red Jaguars (Correct - Two steps left)
Was the plane that Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic called…?
  • The Spirit of St. Louis
Blue Barracudas (Correct - Advanced to the Temple Games)

Temple Games

The Blue Barracudas are eleven-year-old Scott McCaskell, who collects hats from different U.S. States (his favorite being a black hat with "Nashville" embroidered on it - Kirk suggests he should add the helmet he wore in this episode to his collection), and Kristin (also eleven years old), often nicknamed "Kriddin" by her family as she once had trouble pronouncing her name. The Purple Parrots are eleven-year-old Brad, who plays the saxophone and enjoys it, and ten-year-old Annie Gay-Robertson, often nicknamed "Tree Stump" as she is short.

Pigs-a-Go-Go (Bungee Soap Mat)

If Amelia Earhart had been smart, she would have taken her lucky pig along with her to the four corners of the earth, and she possibly would be alive today. Fortunately, the players didn't have to repeat her mistake. When Kirk said go, one player from each team grabbed a lucky pig, took them to the corners, and placed the pig on them. Then went back to the center, grabbed another and did it again. The first person to place two pigs on each of his corners or the furthest along in 60 seconds won. The game was actually over very quickly— both players moved fast and had little trouble, but Scott was the first one to place all four pigs, finishing the game with a whopping 36 seconds on the clock and earning half of a Pendant of Life for the Blue Barracudas

Fly Like Amelia Earhart (Bamboo Forest)

Imagine being Amelia Earhart and flying through mountain passes, or landing between two thick jungles. You'd need some pretty tricky wing maneuvers. When Kirk said go, one player from each team grabbed their bamboo wings and headed into the jungle. Each time they came to two poles, they had to maneuver between them. They had 60 seconds. The first one through the jungle or the furthest along when time was up won. Kristin, being the tallest of the last four players, had a relatively hard time making her way through, but Annie's shortness paid off, as she got through the forest first, ending the game with 28 seconds left and earning a half pendant for the Purple Parrots.

Around the World (Bungee Soap Line)

As Olmec mentioned, everyone was charting Amelia Earhart's progress around the world. And that was exactly what the players had to do now. Before the teams was a slide, with the Earth at one end, and on the other end were a bunch of planes. One player from each team started with planes on their helmets. When Kirk said go, both partners pulled themselves to the center. When they got there, they passed the planes from one player's helmet to their partners, then they both slid to their starting points. The first partners grabbed another plane, while the second partner stuck their planes to the world. Then they pulled themselves to the center, and did it again. They had 60 seconds. The first team to put all six of their planes on the globe, or the team with the most planes on their globe, won. The Purple Parrots failed to make the first transfer; when Brad slid back, he tried putting a second plane on his head, which further delayed their progress. When time ran out, the Purple Parrots only had three planes on their board, but the Blue Barracudas had five planes on theirs. They won the full pendant, which meant that they won the Temple Games, and would be going to Olmec's Temple with 1½ Pendants.

Temple Games Results
Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pendants Won
Blue Barracudas Won Lost Won 1½ Pendants
Purple Parrots Lost Won Lost ½ Pendant

Temple Run

Kristin went up into the Room of the Three Gargoyles and immediately hit a Temple Guard; in the Wall Climb, Kristin only managed to climb up to one of the upper doors when she completely avoided the ropes; she fell back down when she grabbed onto the rope while trying to reach the Heart Room door (where the second Temple Guard had to be), and finally left for the Observatory with 1:55 remaining. From there, Kristin progressed across the top floor, not even trying to open the treasure chest to go down. She knew which order the pieces had to be assembled in, but it took her a while to properly turn the head and jam it down, after which the only door that opened next was the Pirate's Cove.
S1E17 Half Pendant.jpg
In the Dungeon (where the other half of Scott's pendant can be seen as Kristin climbed down), she had trouble finding the Stone Wall; in the Tomb of the Ancient Kings, she took a few seconds to find the key in the sarcophagus. With time ticking down, she entered the Swamp, but inevitably met the second Temple Guard with only three seconds left. Scott was sent into the Temple, but with only less than a second to go, he could only pass through the Temple Gate before time ran out.

Kristin's path to the pig.

Temple Run Results
Victory No
Reached the Artifact No
Method of Loss Failed Acquisition (Solo)
Temple Guard Locations The Room of the Three Gargoyles
The Swamp
The Heart Room
Half Pendant Location The Dungeon

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