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The Room of the Three Gargoyles
Room of the Three Gargoyles

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Objective Completion

15 times

Temple Guard Encounters

The Lucky Pig of Amelia Earhart
The Oracle Bowl of Delphi
The Helmet of Joan of Arc
The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary


The Room of the Royal Gongs

Adjoining Rooms

The Cave of Sighs
The Wall Climb (Layouts I-IV)
The Troubled Bridge (Layouts V-VII)

The Room of the Three Gargoyles was a room in Olmec's Temple. One of two entry rooms, the objective - push the proper tongue to open a door - was simple and similarly repeated for the room's successor, the Room of the Royal Gongs.


  • Throughout Season 2, the bird-looking gargoyle can sometimes be seen during Moat crossings next to the Red Jaguars' gong.
  • Two of the gargoyles were reused for the Pit of the Pendulum, with the bird-looking gargoyle on the mist generator at the top of the room, and the cat-looking gargoyle on the outcropping.
  • The frog-looking gargoyle can be seen in the foliage between Olmec and the Ledges throughout the last two seasons.
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