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The Spider's Lair
Spider's Lair

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Objective Completion

1 (Successfully Climb Webbing - Almost)
3 (Pass Through)

Artifacts Featured

The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan
The Pendant of Kamehameha


The Swamp


The Swamp

Adjoining Rooms

The Tomb of the Ancient Kings
The Room of the Golden Idols
The Throne Room

The Spider's Lair was a room in Olmec's Temple. Similar to rooms that shared its room space (e.g.: The Swamp, The Holes of Python, The Bamboo Forest), the only objective was to navigate through the room and choose the door to the next path by pressing an actuator. The Spider's Lair contained webbing that made it difficult for the contestants to navigate. The contestants could climb on the webbing to gain access to the doors in the upper level, but it was a difficult task as the string was thin.


  • Billy from John Henry's Lost Hammer was the only contestant that tried climbing up to the upper level from the Spider's Lair.
  • No contestant ever encountered a Temple Guard in the Spider's Lair, but in The Trojan Horseshoe, the third temple guard's headdress was sticking out from the packing peanuts while Shawn is exiting the temple with the horseshoe.