The Steps of Knowledge was the second round of the show. They consisted of a large set of stairs located between The Moat and Olmec's Temple.

Olmec began the Steps of Knowledge by telling the four remaining teams the episode's legend. After finishing, he would reveal where the artifact that pertained to the legend was located in the Temple. As the round began, Olmec would ask the teams a series of multiple-choice questions to test their memory of the legend. Each question had three possible answers. A team that thought they knew the answer buzzed in by stomping on the "ancient marker" on their step. If Olmec was in the middle of asking the question, he would stop talking immediately. If a team answered correctly, they moved down to the next level. If a team answered incorrectly or took longer than three seconds to answer the other question, one (or, on a few occasions, two) of the other three teams received a chance to buzz in. The first two teams to make it to the bottom level by answering a total of three questions correctly moved on to The Temple Games.


A promo photo of Kirk with a pair of Orange Iguanas and Purple Parrots at the bottom of the steps in a season 3 promo photo.


  • If one looks closely during the Steps of Knowledge throughout any episode of the series as they watch, the way to tell each team is one boy and one girl is while the boys wear blue shoes, the girls wear purplish-pink ones.

    The Steps of Knowledge as they appear in the TV movie.

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