Zachary "Zac" Turney
Zac Turney


October 21, 1980 in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, USA[1]


Levi (brother)

Personal Quote

"Be a better man today than you were yesterday."


5'6" (1.68 m)


Silver Snakes


Miriam Medina


The Secret Map of the Bandit Queen

Zachary "Zac" Turney was the male Silver Snake in the episode said in the infobox.


He was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Florida at a young age. He had always been a very bright young student and was naturally gregarious. In his senior year, he was voted class clown and prom king, but always preferred sports to drama.

While in college, Turney decided that by working as a writer, he could change the world by selling progressive ideas and philosophies to audiences. Though Turney never actively pursued a career in film, he admits to putting himself into situations where he could gain opportunities for new experiences.

At the age of 12 he asked his father if he could attend an audition to Nickelodeon Studios where he landed his first role as a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple. It wasn't until 2005 when Turney again found himself at an audition for The Real Gilligan's Island. He attempted to segue his 15 minutes of fame into other shows and stared in a number of infomercials as well as travel documentaries.

Deciding the industry wasn't what he was looking for, he returned to school to become a registered nurse.


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